Transmission Shift Linkage

Since I was dropping the exhaust to service the engine and transmission mounts, as well as replace the giubo and center bearing assembly, a shifter bushing refresh also seemed like a good thing to do while the pipes were down.

Gearshift Parts Diagram:

Gearshift Parts Diagram.png

Before I noticed the integral washers that are part of the updated Selector Rod Joint, I attempted to install 4 new yellow plastic washers (10), two on each end of the selector rod, as shown in the above diagram, but with the new design Rod Joint (12) only two are need at the gearshift end.

The bent end of the selector rod goes forward, the straight end connects to the shifter:

Original Selector Rod Joint vs. the new design with integral washers:

Gearshift linkage sorted with new bushings and bits:

Refurbished Shift Linkage.png